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Nice text of Phrasal Verbs

Para quem quer trabalhar com Phrasal Verbs, tem um grande número de Phrasal Verbs e é um ótimo ponto inicial para trabalhar esse assunto. Você pode criar diversos exercícios apartir dele.
Here it goes...

Adventures Growing Up

Growing-up in the countryside offered us kids an enormous amount of freedom in which to play. The only problem was that we often got into trouble as we made up stories that we acted out around town. I can remember one adventure in particular.

One day as we were coming back from school, we came up with the brilliant idea to pretend that we were pirates looking for treasure. My best friend Tom said that he made out an enemy ship in the distance. As if previously rehearsed we all ran for cover.

We picked up a number of rocks to use as ammunition against the enemy vessel while we put together our plan of action. Slowly we went along the path until we were face to face with the enemy - the postman's truck!

The postman was dropping off a package at Mrs. Brown's house, so we all got into his truck. At that point, we really didn't have any idea of what we were going do. The radio was playing so we turned down the volume to discuss our plan of action.

Jack was all for switching on the motor and getting away with the vehicle! Of course, we were just children, but the idea of actually taking off with the truck was so exciting.

We all broke out in nervous laughter at the thought of us driving down the road in the postal Truck. Luckily for us, the postman came running just in the nick of time shouting, "What are you kids up to?" Of course, we all scattered out as quickly as we could down the road, scared out of our wits, leaving behind our ammunition for the mail man to dispense of.

Diferentemente da primeira versão postada, este texto foi adaptado pela amiga Angela da Comunidade "Aprenda Inglês" do orkut.

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